Scottsdale AZ Specialty Painting & Decorative Painting

Specialty Decorative Painting

Your Scottsdale Painter is a full service corporation that can efficiently and effectively bring your vision to life. Our staff includes skilled workers that are equipped to do tasks such as painting rooms one color, to producing unique decorative glazes, stencils, Metallic Paint Effects, Crackle Painting, Diamond / Harlequin Paint Designs, Chalk Board, Striping Patterns, etc.

Scottsdale Specialty Decorative Painting

Scottsdale Specialty Decorative Painting

If you desire phenomenal service and elegance and quality are your number one priority, you can trust Your Scottsdale Painter for all your internal and external residential and commercial painting needs. Our color and design consultations help ensure that your environments are a reflection of your style and desired aesthetic.

Every customer is given our dedication and care. We are devoted to providing service that is top notch, phenomenal and sincere. In addition, it is important to note that Your Scottsdale Painter is 100% accredited and certified.


Give your home an immediate makeover by using stencils on contemporary home decor and wall decor. Modern Wall Stencils and Geometric Stencils are a safer way to decorate walls, because they use only wall paint, unlike modern wallpaper and geometric wallpaper. These modern stencils are drastically cheaper than contemporary wallpaper and modern wall decals. Therefore, stencils are the frugal remedy for modern living room, bathroom, and kitchen design projects.


Vintage homes often include the appealing moderately cracked depiction of painted plaster walls. We are not referring to huge ugly cracks due to settling, but the development of cracks from aged paint that has desiccated throughout centuries. Don’t want to wait two centuries? You can attain this look with an amazing crackle medium product that will chemically create an immaculate crackle finish.

Chalkboard paint

Looking to add some fun and flair to your home? Use Chalkboard paint! Some fun ways to use Chalkboard paint include creating big hand drawn murals, labels on bottles and jars, schedules, to do lists and more. A chalkboard wall is an enjoyable and efficient embellishment that can be used to produce notes, make designs, or sketch anything your heart desires. A huge plus is that creating a wall chalkboard is very simple! Once you clean the wall and gently sand it, it will be smooth and you can proceed to paint and write.

Metallic Wall Finishes

Most people who want to spice up the inside of their homes usually go with a basic new latex paint and a different color. However, we are here to encourage you to take it up a notch with Metallic wall finishes. This product will take the plainest space to the next level by adding shimmery, glittery effects and lingering ambient lights.

Harlequin / Diamond Effect

Harlequin Style is a traditional design that has been around for years. Despite its old history, this design is very relevant today and highly contributes to the striking and stylish appeal of the space. Whether you are contrasting bold colors or two sophisticated light colors, adding diamonds will elevate the visual appeal of any room.

Horizontal or Vertical Stripes

A decorative painting approach that will give a blank wall some liveliness is the addition of stripes. Depending on your preference horizontal stripes add width to a space and vertical stripes add depth.

Contact us for various ways to apply paint stripes and Specialty Decorative Painting to your room.